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Akira von Techkfelsen ~ Eon vom Rheinland puppies were born Saturday, January 26, 2008. Two males and four females. I will start Early Neurologic Stimulation ~ 'Super Dog Program' again with this litter.

For more information on the Sire, you may go to the Pedigree Database and type in Eon vom Rheinland

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Canine Cadre prides ourselves on our reputation working various breeds ~ aside from German Shepherd Dogs, which we breed.

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German Shepherd Dog Pedigree Search

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American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizenship Program and Testing ~ AKC CGC

Thank you very much for helping us assure that dogs will always be safe, welcome and respected members of our community.

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BoneAmi Pet Sitting Services

BoneAmi Pet Sitting or 'Best Friends' Pet Sitting services was established in 2002. Why I love providing this service is that it gives your 'best friend' professional and expert pet care. For dog owners, I give them the opportunity for a Canine Behaviorist and American Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified Instructor who will not undermine or compromise your relationship and who will instill confidence. I am also a member of PSI ~ Pet Sitters International and I am insured and bonded. Of course, canine behavior is my primary concern.

The daily plans provide peace of mind for you, a happy face they can count on, help fight destructive behavior and prevent house soiling accidents. All by having a professional you can count on and trust every day with your 'best friend'.

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Our Puppy Headstart Program is the first of its kind in Connecticut.

We educate owners understand how the puppy thinks, why they do what they do, how to modify behaviors and more importantly how to prevent unwanted behaviors. Puppies that mature in a limited environment may have difficulty handling new situations, so it is essential that you begin teaching at an early age. They need to learn about noisy vacuum sweepers, car rides, bicycles, motorcycles and much, much more. If a puppy does not get an early opportunity to learn about all of the stimuli that will be a part of their environment, they may grow up to be a fearful, anxious adults. Problems can usually be prevented through repeated exposure to various situations, provided there is nothing unpleasant associated with them. Regular and frequent supervised exposure of your puppy to a variety of sights, sounds, odors, and circumstances can help prevent timidity and build confidence.

It is imperative you think of your puppy as having a behaviorally 'clean slate'. It is your responsibility what 'life experiences' your puppy receives.


Please help me, my dog doesn't listen under distractions. 'He listens great when we are home.'

Because dogs place learn, Canine Cadre tries to use a different venue as long as time permits.

These classes are particularly useful if you have a busy lifestyle and you really need your dog to SIT, STAY or COME! - he really will..

Also improved obedience scores are attributed to this class

Above all, it is quality time spent with your 'best friend'

FOUR PAWS UP! The Information Corner:

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